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CMU’s Moore Wows GABC Audience with Views on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Carnegie Mellon University's Andrew Moore


Nov. 30, 2015 - At the German American Business Circle’s fall meeting, guest speaker Andrew Moore, Dean of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, held the audience rapt with his observations of how computers making decisions based on data – which he calls artificial intelligence and machine learning— will impact human behavior and activity in the not-too-distant future.


GACC and GABC officials toast the merger

BKD’s Jeffrey Deane led a moment of silence in memory of the late David Murdoch, who passed away recently after serving for 11 years as Honorary German Consul in Pittsburgh.

Cohen & Grigsby partner Susanne Cook announced that the merger between the GABC and the German American Chamber of Commerce, Pittsburgh was finalized and will be effective Dec. 1, 2015.

Before introducing the guest speaker, GACC President Paul Overby, the Honorary German Consul for Pittsburgh, gave a summary of upcoming GACC events. [ more ]

The GABC awarded its second annual $2,500 scholarship, in partnership with the Pittsburgh Rotary Club Foundation, to Washington and Jefferson College student Angela Marie Nied, who plans to study at the University of Cologne. [ more ]


Angela Marie Nied (center) holds her GABC scholarship check flanked by, left to right: German American Chamber of Commerce President Paul Overby, BKD Pennsylvania managing partner Jeffrey Deane, Cohen & Grigsby partner Susanne Cook, Pittsburgh Rotary Foundation's Jim Ludwig and Ardex Americas president Mike Crouch.


More About Moore's Remarks – Moore, who spent several years with Google Pittsburgh before joining CMU’s faculty last year, and was named one of Pittsburgh magazine’s “50 Most Powerful People,” said humans increasingly will use sophisticated algorithms to predict future events.

These will increasingly factor in complex knowledge of businesses, trends, relationships, opinions and events. In Google’s case, this means getting better at showing finely directed advertisements to Google searchers based on their search histories in the context of wider spectrum of internet usage by large groups of people.

For another example, logistics firms will evaluate a wider range of “what if scenarios” and better predict customer behavior, and health care providers will use automated systems to answer patients’ health questions.

CMU researchers are using high definition video cameras to study human facial expressions and muscle movements, both voluntary and involuntary, to better analyze an individual’s underlying emotions, and in some cases these are outperforming humans in making such judgments. This technology will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment for those suffering from depression, assist paralytics in better manipulating robots and to help drivers to avoid or mitigate devastating vehicular accidents.

Future Events: To receive an invitation to future GABC events, please contact Erika Daxbeck at

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